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V8N10 - March 23-April 11, 2010:

Spotlight feature:
Jaring Timmerman
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Breaking swimming records at 100!

Jaring Timmerman, senior swimmer, was one of 17 Manitobans chosen as a Manitoba in motion champion to promote every day, physical activity throughout the province. Each of the 17 people represented a number of different sports and activities. The in motion provincial strategy was launched on Oct. 5, 2005. Above, Jaring works out on the fitness equipment at the Wellness Institute on Leila Avenue in Winnipeg on October 3rd during the launch of the first ever Active Aging Week – Oct 6-12, 2008.

This issue, we revisit Jaring Timmerman, of Winnipeg, Manitoba, champion world swimmer.

We interviewed Jaring in December, 2004, and featured him in Senior Scope’s Spotlight section. He was 95 years old. Senior Scope has expanded its circulation considerably since then, and we thought it would be nice to update Jaring’s story for this issue.

Jaring continues to wow his family, friends, fellow athletes and complete strangers with his endless feats in competitive swimming. The reason being, that Jaring didn’t start swimming competitively until 1987, encouraged by his wife, Gladys, although he began swimming as a young child. He had was 78 and had been retired from the Grain Insurance & Guarantee Co. for 13 years. He entered the Arizona Senior Olympics in Phoenix, more for fun and curiosity, and ended up winning Gold for the 200-metre race in his age category. This was a qualifying event for the U.S. National Senior Olympics in St. Louis, Missouri, where Jaring took a Silver in the 400 metre race along with several other medals. Then he went on to the World Masters in Denmark in 1989, bringing home the Gold in the 400-metre freestyle and two Silvers in the 100 and 200-metre freestyle meets in his age category.

Jaring has competed in Montreal in 1994 at the World Masters, in Munich, Germany in 2000 at the VIII FINA World Master Championships and at many others in Canada and the U.S.

At the time of our interview, in December, 2004, Jaring was already training for the Manitoba Masters in April, 2005, and then for the World Masters in Edmonton, Alberta later in July where he informed us that he won five gold medals and made a world record. Six months later, a man from Japan claimed the record.

More recently, in May, 2009, Jaring competed in the Canadian Masters Swimming Championship in Etobicoke, a suburb of Toronto. He broke four world records in the 50 and 100-metre freestyle, and in the 50 and 100-metre backstroke... at the age of 100!

Jaring was geared up to compete at the Canadian Nationals this May in Nanaimo, B.C., but his arm and shoulder are giving him a little grief and, although he is doing physiotherapy, he won’t be ready in time to compete. The cartilage in his knees are wearing down, as well, and will require surgery, so Jaring is concentrating on strengthening his legs to prepare himself, by still swimming regularly. Other than that, Jaring is grateful for having good health and still lives by the acronym he formulated called GEDS - Genes, Exercise, Diet and Spirit. And he still starts each day with deep breathing and stretching to get the blood flowing. That is his secret to longevity. He has recently read that diet can affect genes. And genes can be formed by habits - bad habits can form bad genes.

Jaring has accumulated about 170 swimming medals since his debut in competitive swimming in 1987. It’s hard to keep track as he gives them away to family members.

Jaring was trained as a navigator for the Lancaster bombers, serving three years in WWII. He has volunteered and contributed endlessly in his community. He has received achievement awards from The City of Winnipeg and the province, and was the recipient of the Governor General’s 2002 Caring Canadian Award and the Manitoba Council on Aging Recognition Awards in 2004.

Jaring always believed that exercise and active living programs were beneficial in reducing national health care costs having fewer older people occupying beds in nursing homes, hospitals, etc. And the government is on board, now, developing various programs such as the Manitoba in motion program.

Jaring will continue his healthy living habits and setting examples for all walks of life of all ages.

And the media—local, national and international—will probably feature Jaring for a long time to come, leaving a very lasting impression and legacy .

Hopefully, he will be ready for swim competitions in 2011.

(Read more in the Mar 23-Apr 11/2010 issue of Senior Scope)


March is Fraud Awareness Month

The RCMP and partner agencies wish to remind the public once again that March is Fraud Awareness Month. The purpose of this annual event is to highlight ways for individuals to safeguard themselves from fraud. Beginning today and throughout the month of March, the RCMP will be educating the public on specific tactics used to defraud and ways to avoid becoming a victim.

As the term implies, PHISHING is a tactic where a generic message is sent to out to many people in an attempt to troll for personal, financial and/or credit information. Telephone cold calls and Internet spam are frequently used by criminals to solicit sensitive personal information from members of the public. The message or story is the bait and senders of these messages mask the true nature of the call or e-mail, often by portraying themselves as representatives of legitimate companies. For example, "My name is XXXX and I am calling on behalf of XXXX Credit Services. We have suffered a computer problem and urgently require our customers to confirm some information so that we can retrieve your account information on our servers...". Would a legitimate financial institution operate this way? As with anything, the quality of the bait can reflect a higher success rate for the person sending the message. For this reason, callers and e-mail
may appear extremely convincing.

PHISHING sometimes employs the use of a counterfeited or SPOOFED website. These fake websites are specifically designed to mimic those of a legitimate financial institution or credit company. Images, logos and trademarks are digitally copied into the fake website in order to add an appearance of legitimacy to these sites. Links to SPOOFED websites are often contained within PHISHING e-mail. These e-mails request that you click into the links and provide your sensitive information. In some cases, a telephone caller may request that you log into a mentioned site in order to "confirm" your sensitive information.

Sensitive data gathered through the use of these tactics is regularly used in crimes ranging from basic fraud to complete identity theft. Recovering from these types of crimes is difficult and can take many years.

How can I protect myself?
• In all circumstances, remember the anonymous element to any telephone or Internet communication. Do I really know who I am communicating with? Do I really know where this information is going? Is it normal for a
business or government agency to request personal information in this way?

• Be critical of unsolicited calls or e-mails that request your personal information.

• Install up-to-date anti-spam software on your computer.

• Resist the urgent-sounding appeal to respond to the caller's request for information. Take time to consider the importance of the information that you are being asked to provide and the circumstances in which it is being requested. Remember, it is extremely rare for a financial institution to "lose" your financial information. As well, any rushed or urgent response on your part is not likely to remedy this loss should it have really happened. When in doubt, contact the financial institution or government agency directly using the contact information obtained from legitimate and established sources.

Additional information can be found on the following websites:

Cst. Ben Doiron
Winnipeg RCMP
Commercial Crime Section

(Read more in the Mar 23-Apr 11/2010 issue of Senior Scope)


March 11, 2010
Manitoba has Significant History of Advancing International Disability
Rights: Howard

Labour and Immigration Minister Jennifer Howard, minister responsible for persons with disabilities, applauded Canada's decision to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Canada has committed to abide by the convention in accordance with its ratification and to monitor progress in promoting and protecting the human rights of people with disabilities in civil, cultural, economic, political and social life.

"Manitoba is proud to be home to internationally recognized advocates and organizations who have worked for many years towards this day," said Howard.

The province believes that people with disabilities should be fully included in all aspects of Manitoba's society, the minister said. The provincial Disabilities Issues Office assists in fulfilling this vision by promoting stronger provincial policies, programs and opportunities for Manitobans with disabilities. The office co-ordinates this work with government departments and through the ongoing engagement of disability community organizations.  

Almost 16 percent of Manitoba's population (many being seniors) has one or more disabilities that affect their daily lives and worldwide it is estimated that 650 million people live with disabilities.  

For more information on Manitoba's Disabilities Issue Office go to  

For more information on the convention, please go to the United Nations Convention website at



WINNIPEG, MANITOBA - The Manitoba Writers’ Guild (MWG) and the Association of Manitoba Book Publishers (AMBP) announced the 2010 Manitoba Book Awards shortlists. Winners will be announced at the Manitoba Book Awards gala, on Sunday, April 25, 2010, at the Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain (CCFM), 340 boulevard Provencher. A pre-awards reception will begin at 7:00 p.m. and the ceremony will run from 8:00-10:00 p.m. Admission is free and the event is open to the public. This year's ceremony will be hosted by Neil Besner, Vice President and former Dean of Arts of the University of Winnipeg.

Since the event’s inception in 1989, during which a single award (the McNally Robinson Book Award) was presented, The Manitoba Book Awards (formerly the Manitoba Writing and Publishing Awards) has grown to
feature 13 categories. Nominees and winners are selected by jurors drawn from across Manitoba and Canada.

The Manitoba Writers’ Guild formed in 1981 to promote writing throughout Manitoba, and remains committed to providing personal and professional support to writers at any level in their careers, and enhancing the province’s literary community. The Association of Manitoba Book Publishers represents 14 Manitoban publishing houses, which publish over 100 books each year in English, French, and Cree. Many of these books are written by Manitoban authors or feature Manitoban stories.

The award administrators gratefully acknowledge the support of the Province of Manitoba; the Department of Culture, Heritage and Tourism; the Winnipeg Arts Council; and the Manitoba Arts Council.

For more information or to talk to writers or publishers contact:
Polly Washburn
Membership, Communication and Events Coordinator
Manitoba Writers' Guild
944-8013 /

For award categories and the
complete shortlist, visit

(Read more in the Mar 23-Apr 11/2010 issue of Senior Scope)

Financial Planning Solutions
Tax efficient investments can help build your wealth
Defer Tax On Your Non-Registered Investments
BRIAN G. KONRAD CFP, Financial Consultant

If you’re like many Canadians, you’re already investing outside your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) and your Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA). This is often a wise investment strategy considering that contribution limits cap the amount you can contribute to both these savings vehicles. As a result, RRSPs and TFSAs alone may not be sufficient to provide you with the total amount of money you need for the retirement lifestyle you want. A mix of non-registered investments can help make up the shortfall—especially when fully integrated with your overall asset allocation and tax management plan.

All investment income and realized capital gains generated outside RRSPs or TFSAs must be reported annually on your tax return. But, you can minimize or defer tax on your non-registered investments by making
wise investment choices.

Interest income receives no preferential tax treatment and thus is fully taxable. Dividend income receives tax preferred treatment in all provinces and territories, but the degree of tax relief varies greatly across the country. Alternatively, just 50 cents of every dollar of realized net capital gains is taxable and, because capital gains are usually only taxed when you dispose of your investments, you can influence when you pay tax on those gains. You can potentially defer taxes on capital gains for years by choosing to sell these investments at a time when it’s most advantageous for you (i.e. in a year when you expect to be in a lower tax bracket than you are today), or by holding mutual funds that offer a return of capital option.

Investment income that is taxed as capital gains can provide a significant advantage to your returns on an aftertax basis as compared to interest income. This is where the benefits of a tax-advantaged fund structure for your non-registered portfolio can provide big rewards. Unlike mutual fund trusts, which trigger tax consequences any time you switch from one non-registered investment to another, Investors Group Corporate Class Inc.™ mutual funds are treated as a single entity for tax purposes. This feature allows you to switch between share classes within the structure while deferring capital gains. As a result, you can rebalance your holdings without the need to worry about immediate tax consequences. Over time, it’s this potential tax deferral feature that allows you to accumulate more wealth than if you had to pay tax on your gains each time you made a switch from one fund to another (assuming the same performance between the share class and an alternative investment). Investing within a tax-advantaged structure makes it easier than ever to access the right tools to help you build your wealth.

• Investors Group Corporate Class Inc.™ features a wide range of equity investments, including Canadian, U.S. and International mandates, sector and specialty mandates as well as the Investors Short Term Capital Yield Class and the Investors Capital Yield Class, which aim to provide returns similar to short and intermediate term Canadian fixed-income funds, as well as the Investors Managed Yield Class, which aims to provide a stable current return approximating that of a money market fund.

• Allegro Corporate Class Portfolios™ provide a selection of diversified options within our “tax advantaged” Corporate Class structure; specifically to match your individual tolerance for risk. In addition, the Series T Shares* can give you the option of generating steady monthly cash flow** while still taking advantage of the tax-deferral benefits and growth of investments held within the Corporate Class structure.

I will contact you shortly to discuss how Investors Group Corporate Class Inc.™, including the Allegro Corporate Class Portfolios™ and other tax-efficient investment alternatives can help you build your wealth in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

Financial Consultant
(204) 489-4640 ext. 246

Stephanie Graham
(204) 489-4640 ext. 267

This report specifically written and published by Investors Group is presented as a general source of information only, and is not intended as a solicitation to buy or sell specific investments, nor is it intended to provide legal advice. Prospective investors should review the annual report, simplified prospectus, and annual information form of any fund carefully before making an investment decision. Clients should discuss their situation with their Consultant for advice based on their specific circumstances. Insurance products and services offered through I.G. Insurance Services Inc. (in Quebec, a financial services firm). Insurance license sponsored by The Great-West Life Assurance Company (outside of Quebec).
™Trademark owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations.
“You may have a tax time bomb ticking and not even know it”
©2007 Investors Group Inc. Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

(Read more in the Mar 23-Apr 11/2010 issue of Senior Scope)

William J. Thomas

Me and my dog don't sleep together... very well

The vast majority of people who seek professional advice already know what their problems are and quite probably, what solutions will be suggested. That's precisely why I will not pursue the professional services of a sleep consultant. I already know how that session is going to play out.

Sleep Consultant: "What's the problem?"

Me: "You know, I'm glad you're sitting down, Doc, because I'll bet you've never heard this one before...I can't sleep."

Sleep Consultant: "Not at all?"

Me: "Well, I sleep fine for the first four or five hours then I'm wide awake for three or four hours."

Sleep Consultant: "Any idea what's causing this problem?"

Me: "No, not really. No stress. No anxiety. I'm tired. I want to sleep, but I can't."

Sleep Consultant: "Are you disturbed by some sort of sound?"

Me: "Well, sometimes I might hear snoring?"

Sleep Consultant: "Your wife snores?"

Me: "Well, I don't know. She might. But she lives in another city so unless she snores really, really loud.."

Sleep Consultant: "Then who?"

Me: "My dog, Jake."

Sleep Consultant: "Well, why don't you just shut the bedroom door?"

Me: "What good would that do?"

Sleep Consultant: "Well, you might not hear him snore."

Me: "We sleep in the same room."

Sleep Consultant: "In the same room!"

Me: "Okay, the same bed."

Sleep Consultant: "Well, there's your problem."

Me: "That's not the only problem."

Sleep Consultant: "What else."

Me: "Nightmares."

Sleep Consultant: "When did the nightmares start?"

Me: "When he was about five. I think they involve handcuffs and house cats."

Sleep Consultant: "So you sleep with a dog that snores and has nightmares?"

Me: "Plus there's a fair bit of farting going on."

Sleep Consultant: "Audible?"

Me: "Yeah, but those might be mine. Truthfully, I think that's what triggers his nightmares but hey... let him get his own sleep consultant."

Sleep Consultant: "What do you do when you can't sleep?"

Me: "I usually listen to all-night radio... a bunch of wackos selling growth hormones, conspiracy theories and religion."

Sleep Consultant: "And this helps?"

Me: "No, but it convinces me that I'm the most normal person on the planet."

Sleep Consultant: "Do you ever get up, maybe get a warm glass of milk?"

Me: "I used to but the pain was too much."

Sleep Consultant: "So you get headaches in the middle of the night?"

Me: "No, I stub my toe on the damn ramp every time I get up at night."

Sleep Consultant: "Ramp?"

Me: "Yeah, I had a ramp built into the end of the bed."

Sleep Consultant: "So you have trouble getting in and out of bed?"

Me: "Not me, the dog. It's a dog ramp."

Sleep Consultant: "Why?"

Me: "Because he's 13 years old and I don't want him jumping up and putting stress on his back knees."

Sleep Consultant: "So let me get this straight - you sleep with a dog who snores and has nightmares and comes in and out of bed on a ramp."

Me: "Plus sometimes he'll try and push me out of bed. I don't think he means to, he just straightens out his legs and pretty soon I'm clinging to the edge of the bed."

Sleep Consultant: "And you can't sleep that way."

Me: "Actually I can but before long I have this recurring dream in which I'm falling off a cliff and I wake up screaming."

Sleep Consultant: "Which causes anxiety and therefore insomnia."

Me: "No, actually he seems to sleep right through it. Maybe my screams are muffled by his nightmare whining and barking, I don't know."

Sleep Consultant: "Is that about it for all the noise?"

Me: "Did I mention the squeaking?"

Sleep Consultant: "Your dog squeaks."

Me: "No, but sometimes he rolls over on his Mister Magic Froggy and the frog squeaks. It's the cutest thing."

Sleep Consultant: "Have you thought about having the dog sleep in another room?"

Me: "I tried that and it didn't work."

Sleep Consultant: "Why not?"

Me: "There wasn't enough room for both of us on the couch."

Sleep Consultant: "What about making him sleep on the floor?"

Me: "No, my back couldn't take it."

Sleep Consultant: "So how long have you had this problem?"

Me: "About seven years, now."

Sleep Consultant: "And how long have you had this dog?"

Me: "About seven years now."

Sleep Consultant: "Do you see any correlation between your sleep problem and your dog?"

Me: "Ah ha. So you think the problem might be contagious?"

Sleep Consultant: "No, no, no. The problem is you and your dog sleep in the same bed amidst snoring, farting, screaming, whining and barking!"

Me: "Well, I knew all that before I came to you!"

Sleep Consultant: "Well, the only thing I can tell you is you must seek professional advice."

Me: "You mean go see another sleep consultant?"

Sleep Consultant: "No, you need to see a psychiatrist, probably a whole team of them.”

Me: "Well, that's easy for you to say. You don't listen to all-night radio."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

William J. Thomas lives on Sunset Bay in Wainfleet, Ont. He is the author of seven books of humour, including The Dog Rules Damn Near Everything (Damn Near Everything!).

(Read more in the Mar 23-Apr 11/2010 issue of Senior Scope)

On the Road to Awareness Conference

March 18-19, 2010 was a two-day enlightenment session for those in attendance at the “On the Road to Awareness Conference” held at the Fort Garry Hotel. It was a joint project of Partners Seeking Solutions With Seniors and Transportation Options Network for Seniors.

We were made aware of many issues of aging. Peter Bjornson gave opening remarks and Senator Sharon Carstairs spoke about ‘Embracing the Challenge of Aging.’ She commented on some positive factors of aging and addressed some issues that need attention. For example, although the aging population is increasing dramatically, many in their later years are still contributing to society and remaining independent. On the flipside, however, 15,000 senior Canadians are occupying acute care beds because there is no other place for them; Alzheimers is an epidemic – 40% of those over 80 will have some form of Dimentia; and Canada currently has 250 gerontologists, with only two gerontologists, compared with 150 practitioners, currently being trained. Everybody is working hard to find solutions to these, and many other issues. For example, if seniors kept 50% more active than they are now, cases of Alzheimers could be cut in half.

Topics covered in the sessions included ‘Stages of Change’ which we all have to face at some point in our lives, especially when we’re getting older. Issues such as losing your drivers license, transportation options, mental health, addictions, men’s social needs, and much more were addressed.

Gladstone’s mayor, Eileen Clarke, brought her town’s success story to us on how it became an Age Friendly community. And Cal Abrahamson, mayor of Montmarte, Saskatchewan, showed how he motivated seniors of his community with the ‘Reach out and touch someone’ attitude. He challenged them to work together and take pride in their community. They did, and before long, the
government was pitching in to develop programs that addressed their needs on a daily basis.

Many gathered from all around to take part in this informative event and they didn’t leave disappointed.
Visit these websites for more info.

(Read more in the Mar 23-Apr 11/2010 issue of Senior Scope)


From RM of Springfield

By Marion Clemens - Oak Bank, MB

The RM of Springfield, only half an hour from Winnipeg and Manitoba's oldest municipality, remains young at heart with the help of its many organizations, businesses, equestrian centres, community clubs, sports centres, churches, schools, a public library and senior lodges, guarantying regular events fitting for all ages from all over.

March 1 - Residents of the Kin Place Personal Care Home in Oakbank are always enjoying the many different entertainment events provided regularly by performers of all ages. Members of the Adult Day Program happily welcomed back the Olson children and their mom, Kathy. This family of ten lives near Dugald and all play an instrument and sing.

March 12 and 13 - The Springfield Youth Parliament SYP with its 56th session, was held at the Oakbank United Church. This organization started off under the name Springfield Boys' Parliament in 1955. Once girls were allowed to join, the name was changed to the current SYP. Many of Springfield's seniors remember vividly those first years and many of today's members are related to the founders.

This year's leading figures in the Parliament were: Lieutenant Governor Angela Temple, Premier Gerrett Wojtowicz, Deputy Premier Erika Rob, Speaker of the House Matt Williams, Clerk of the House Elyse Cook, Provincial Secretary Karen Franstone, Sergeant-at-Arms Kyle Friesen, Whip Allison Fligg.

March 20 - Another very interesting and entertaining event was the first annual Equine Wellness Day held by Elaine Banfield at Meadowview Ranch, south of Anola. The event was opened by Megan Nunn (Gentle Quest Equine Consulting) with the topic of Saddle Fit which was most informative, demonstrating many details in regards to buying the correct saddle for one's horse.

Elaine then gave an excellent show of dressage riding, which has been her life study and passion for over 30 years. She began riding at the age of seven and started to compete when she was only ten years old. Elaine's conviction is: "A horse learns best when it is relaxed and understands your request."

For info on Springfield Services to Seniors please call Diane at 204-444-6128 or email


Letter from Landmark, MB

Dear Senior Scope,
Violence causes dehumanization, and, as we all know, a lot of violence is happening in Afghanistan, Iraq, and in far too many other places on this planet of ours.

Killing people, soldiers or not, can be extremely difficult. A soldier wrote home, “It’s so hard when I am up close. When I see the faces of the people, I can’t bring myself to kill them. But when I am farther away just shooting artillery shells then I can do it, as long as I don’t see their faces.”

Sad to say, young men, and now sometimes women, too, often not past their teens, are expected to be hardened killers. As George McGovern, during his 1972 presidential campaign put it, "I'm sick and tired of old men dreaming up wars in which young men do the dying.” Or let’s listen to some words from the book Soldiers by John Keegan, et al., “Old soldiers never die, but ninety-nine soldiers in a hundred are pitiably young, and they die in their millions, without beginning to guess why it is that life asks that of them.” Who speaks for them? MOTHERS, THE WORLD OVER, DON’T ALLOW THAT! SPEAK UP! Don’t let your children die in their millions, and when they’re pitiably young yet, and, according to Keegan, most don’t even know why they’re fighting, killing, and dying. Contact your government leaders and let them know that you’re sick and tired of war; make friends with mothers in other countries than yours; ask, beg even, that your priests and ministers speak out against the horrors of war (if they’re doing this already, thank them for it); join or create groups for peace, etc., etc. Fathers, of course, too, should speak up, but if fathers can’t, or won’t stop wars, maybe the women will.

When Dan Rather (former CBS anchor) was on a hospital ship off the coast of Vietnam during the Vietnam War, he went into the hold of the ship and heard only one word from the lips of those wounded young soldiers, some with multiple amputations. What was the word? you may well ask. It was “Mother.” As Dan Rather puts it, “None called for father, or for doctor or nurse. Only mother.”  Mothers, the world over, are you listening?

Yours sincerely, 
Stan Penner

Note: Dan Rather’s words are from “THE CAMERA NEVER BLINKS TWICE” by Dan Rather with Mickey Herskowitz in a Reader’s Digest book “Today’s Best Nonfiction.”

(Read more in the Mar 23-Apr 11/2010 issue of Senior Scope)



















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