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By Gary Adams

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Today all answers begin with the letter “A”
(see answers below)

1. The goal of this company is to sell everything:

2. This is a country and a continent:

3. She wrote about a murder on a train:

4. An odd TV family:

5. This American state has 3,000 rivers:

6. This was the first pill sold as a medication:

7. In this craft fabric is sewn onto a background:

8. When we are near the end we hope to see:

9. Caribbean Island established by Holland:

10. He was the star in the movie “Scent of a Woman”:

11. He is a Canadian and host of Jeopardy:

12. This was a prehistoric Canadian lake:

13. He invented the telephone:

14. Model homes strive to have a warm:

15. These scary creatures snuggle before mating:

16. Everyone has one under their chin:

17. Prior to 2019 this country had 6 million rabbits:

18. This province has a “Red Deer”:

19 Madonna sang “Don’t Cry For Me “____________”:

20. This is a major resort city in Mexico:

21. He was the tallest U.S. President (6’3”) so far:

22. Name the person who said “Open Sesame”:

23. In golf this is three strokes under par:

24. This continent is 40% sand:

25. Woody Allen won an Oscar in 1978 for this movie:

26. This fruit is similar to a peach:

27. Ben Affleck directed this 2012 Oscar winning movie:

28. A pleasant feeling after graduating:

29. This is the capital of Greece:

30. This English car company introduced their first car in 1906:



1. Amazon
2. Australia
3. Agatha Christie
4. Addams
5. Alaska
6. Aspirin
7. Applique
8. Angel
9. Aruba
10. Al Pacino
11. Alex Trebeck
12. Agassiz
13. Alexander Graham Bell
14. Atmosphere
15. Alligator
16. Adams Apple
17. Australia
18. Alberta
19. Argentina
20. Acapulco
21. Abraham Lincoln
22. Ali Baba
23. Albatross
24. Africa
25. Annie Hall
26. Apricot
27. Argo
28. Afterglow
29. Athens
30. Austin



Today all answers begin with the letter “B”
(see answers below)

1. Who has the nickname “The Boss”:

2. This is the most popular game in Las Vegas:

3. You will find these beautiful winged creatures in a conservatory:

4. She played the lead role in the movie “The Rose”:

5. This is the capital of Belgium:

6. This is 40 yards of fabric:

7. His hit songs included “At the Copa” and “Mandy”:

8. This is the main veggie in borscht:

9. The correct name for a sand trap in golf:

10. This city hosted “Cheers”:

11. This actress was Mrs. Robinson in “The Graduate”:

12. Most shoppers agree this is the best buy at the grocery store:

13. Barry, Maurice and Robin, The:

14. If you use all seven tiles in Scrabble you have a:

15. They have five eyes but no ears:

16. This doctor performed the first heart transplant:

17. This entertainer is “The Piano Man”:

18. This character suggests the stock market is rising:

19 He is Elmer Fudd’s friend:

20. They baked these birds in a pie:

21. To cheat or confuse:

22. They got their start in Liverpool:

23. This is the capital of Barbados:

24. Ted Turner owns 5% of the state of New Mexico where he raises:

25. They opened these banks in Chicago in 1937:

26. This is a unit of memory in a computer:

27. The English name for sausages :

28. What are these ... carpus, tibia, and sternum:

29. This is the name for the film industry in India:

30. Two men have been chosen twice as the sexiest man of the year,
George Clooney and which other:



1. Bruce Springsteen
2. Black Jack
3. Butterflies
4. Bette Midler
5. Brussels
6. Bolt
7. Barry Manilow
8. Beets
9. Bunker
10. Boston
11. Bancroft (Anne)
12. Bananas
13. The Bee Gees:
14. Bingo
15. Bees
16. Barnard
17. Billy Joel
18. Bull
19. Bugs Bunny
20. Black Birds
21. Bamboozle
22. Beatles
23. Bridgetown
24. Buffalo
25. Blood Banks
26. Bit
27. Bangers
28. Bones
29. Bollywood
30. Brad Pitt



Today all answers begin with the letter “C”
(see answers below)

1. This is the capital of Denmark:

2. The two things most people bring to the zoo:

3. He rose to fame as “The Tramp” in silent film :

4. This a breakfast cereal brought to you by a sailor:

5. This may have become the world’s favorite store:

6. This sweetheart sings for NFL football:

7. These two things are often lost when at the beach:

8. This South African city faces the Atlantic Ocean:

9. A birthday must have one of these:

10. Jack Nicolson was the main character in this movie:

11. What did Mr. Whipple ask us not to squeeze:

12. This Winnipeg band wrote and sang the Superman Song:

13. Ted Danson and Kristie Alley played in this popular TV series:

14. These are our most intelligent local birds:

15. This loveable large funny Canadian Hollywood actor died in 1994:

16. Tom Hanks spent 5 years on an Island in this movie:

17. Name Jacques Cousteau’s Green Peace ship:

18. Favorite saying for “The Price Is Right”:

19 In the early 1900’s you used one of these to start your car:

20. He was televisions Archie Bunker:

21. They say this Russian Empress had many lovers:

22. This county’s people were (2019) the world’s biggest beer drinkers:

23. This is the national cheese dish of Switzerland:

24. This country is a major supplier of fruit to Canada and the U.S.:

25. This car maker was the first to introduce mini vans:

26. Why is it called “Dry Cleaning”:

27. What do we think about when we think of the Shriners:

28. He was elected Canada’s Prime Minister in 1979:

29. She was one of TVs “Friends”:

30. He introduced the theory of evolution back in the 19th century:



1. Copenhagen
2. Children and Cameras
3. Charlie Chaplin
4. Cap’n Crunch
5. Costco
6. Carrie Underwood
7. Cameras and Coins (money)
8. Cape Town
9. Cake
10. Chinatown
11. Charmin’
12. Crash Test Dummies
13. Cheers
14. Crows
15. Candy (John)
16. Castaway
17. Calypso
18. Come On Down
19. Crank
20. Carroll O’Conner
21. Catherine the Great
22. Czech Republic
23. Fondue
24. Chile
25. Chrysler
26. Chemicals - No Water
27. Children’s Hospitals and Clowns
28. Clark (Joe)
29. Courtney Cox
30. Charles Darwin



Today all answers begin with the letter “D”
(see answers below)

1. This California theme park opened in 1955 :

2. This plant can be roasted and become a coffee substitute :

3. He is Canada’s “Hit Man” :

4. This word was dropped from the “Tim Horton’s” name :

5. This is a bug killer :

6. This character talks to the animals :

7. This Scandinavian country has a lot of pigs :

8. Superman worked for this newspaper :

9. This is Canada’s most successful on stage singing entertainer :

10. His films include “10” and “Unfaithfully Yours” :

11. Prince Charles has this title :

12. This is the third most popular name for a female dog :

13. This Canadian wrote and sang “I’m So Young and You’re So Old” :

14. He created a hospital for sick children in Atlanta :

15. This river runs through Vienna :

16. You will find this at the bottom of the ocean :

17. Most of Steve Harvey’s (Family Feud) suits are :

18. This is performed at a basketball game :

19 At the start of World War Two the English army escaped the port of :

20. A light rain is often called a :

21. He sang about “Dream Lover” :

22. A word related to a piece of turf when playing golf :

23. This is a type of apple :

24. This mile high stadium is located here :

25. He wrote a book about self development :

26. These are scary creatures in folklore :

27. Many Canadians wish they were vacationing here now :

28. If you fellows don’t help her out, you will likely be in the :

29. The biggest selling mini van has always been this model :

30. There is no question Winston Churchill had a lot of :



1. Disneyland
2. Dandelion
3. David Foster
4. Donuts
5. Deet
6. Dr. Doolittle
7. Denmark
8. Daily Planet
9. Dion (Celine)
10. Dudley Moore
11. Duke
12. Daisy
13. Diana
14. Danny Thomas
15. Danube
16. Davy Jones Locker
17. Double Breasted
18. Dribble
19. Dunkirk
20. Drizzle
21. Darin (Bobby)
22. Divot
23. Delicious
24. Denver
25. Dale Carnegie
26. Dragons
27. Dominion Republic
28. Dog House
29. Dodge (Chrysler)
30. Determination



Today all answers begin with the letter “E”
(see answers below)

1. She was the main female character on the Seinfeld show:

2. This is one of the Great Lakes:

3. He is an x-Canadian who built a huge American electric car company from scratch:

4. This is where the Wizard of Oz lived :

5. This is a popular restaurant at Polo Park:

6. He wrote “The Old Man and the Sea”:

7. They say she was stunningly beautiful, her first movie was “National Velvet”:

8. They wrote and sang, and became famous for “Hotel California”:

9. Cairo is the capital of this country:

10. She is the #1 afternoon talk show host:

11. This is a very popular Christmas drink:

12. This is the repetition of sound:

13. This lady was lost over the Pacific in 1939:

14. Famous quote ... She said: “The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams”

15. He divorced Debbie to marry Elizabeth:

16. What do the Mercali and Richter scales measure :

17. This funny guy won a award for “The Nutty Professor”. He has 11 children with 3 wives: :

18. This successful actor directed “Million Dollar Baby” :

19 This super successful song writer/entertainer wrote and sang “A Tribute to Diana”:

20. This is the Edmonton football team :

21. This is the name of King Arthur’s sword :

22. He was the Supreme Commander of the allied forces in WW Two, he became the U.S. President :

23. This is the extra effort required to get the job done :

24. These are pancakes with a difference :

25. These are served with garlic and butter :

26. This is a popular neighborhood in Winnipeg :

27. On November 3rd, 2020 there will be an American :

28. This English singer thrilled the ladies with the song “Release Me” :

29. These are the trees that don’t shed their leaves in the winter :

30. These can be served in a variety of ways :



1. Elaine
2. Erie
3. Elon Musk
4. Emerald City
5. Earls
6. Ernest Hemingway.
7. Elizabeth Taylor
8. Eagles, (Don Henley and Glen Frey)
9. Egypt
10. Ellen DeGeneres
11. Eggnog
12. Echo
13. Earhart (Amelia)
14. Eleanor Roosevelt
15. Eddie Fisher
16. Earthquakes
17. Eddie Murphy
18. Eastwood (Clint)
19. Elton John
20. Eskimos
21. Excalibur
22. Eisenhower
23. Elbow Grease
24. Eggo’s
25. Escargots
26. East Kildonan
27. Election
28. Engelbert Humperdinck
29. Evergreen
30. Eggs



Today all answers begin with the letter “F”
(see answers below)

1. This is a healthy gift instead of flowers:
2. This is the world’s most visited country:
3. This is a movie about a whale returning to the ocean:
4. A very popular Jewish Broadway production:
5. This is an expensive steak at a fine restaurant:
6. This family owns the NFL Detroit Lions:
7. This is a new toy dogs love to chase and catch:
8. This is family dinner is very popular in Britain:
9. Dr. Kimble was the main character in this 1993 movie:
10. This was a big hit song for Tracy Chapman:
11. Trump’s comments about Lysol is a:
12. They say he never forgot his love for Ava Gardner:
13. Bugsy Segal opened this Las Vegas Hotel/Casino:
14. This is the amount you can save if you buy your auto insurance from Geico:
15. This cheese is included in a Greek salad:
16. A Kellogg cereal for young children:
17. This a resort island in the Pacific:
18. Many people prefer their chicken cooked this way:
19 A Leonard Cohen tune about New York:
20. This group of six continue to be paid millions in TV reruns:
21. Almost every home is this country has a sauna:
22. It drives a man crazy if a woman is better at this:
23. This is the longest bone in the body:
24. France is considered the center of:
25. This company has converted one factory to make Corona medical products:
26. This is Wilma and Fred ____________:
27. This scary movie starred William M. Macy and Frances McDormand:
28. Steve Harvey is the host of this game show:
29. This toast originated back in the Roman Empire days:
30. He was the American President during World War Two:



1. Fruit Basket
2. France
3. Free Willie
4. Fiddler On The Roof
5. Filet Mignon
6. Ford
7. Frizbee
8. Fish and Chips
9. Fugitive (The)
10. Fast Car
11. Fantasy
12. Frank Sinatra
13. Flamingo
14. Fifteen Percent
15. Feta Cheese
16. Fruit Loops
17. Fiji
18. Fried
19. First We Take Manhattan
20. Friends
21. Finland
22. Fixing Things
23. Femur
24. Fashion
25. Ford
26. Flintstone
27. Fargo
28. Family Feud
29. French Toast
30. Franklin D. Roosevelt



Today all answers begin with the letter “G”
(see answers below)

1. This is where we might go to celebrate “Elvis”:
2. He began writing computer code at age 13, he’s now worth $70 billion:
3. This chap played Frasier Crane on TV’s Cheers:
4. These, Clooney, Bush, Bush, and Porgie were all:
5. For many of us she was the sweetest person, I will never forget her:
6. This is a Hungarian stew:
7. This is the spirit of a dead person living in a pale shadowy vision:
8. This member of the ape family does not climb trees:
9. He was the “Galloping Gourmet”:
10. A “Gander” is what kind of animal:
11. This is Scotland’s largest city:
12. This British rock property is actually in Spain:
13. This auto company makes the Cadillac cars:
14. The dancers in the ballet must be:
15. This one of the Seven Dwarves never had a good thing to say:
16. This is a spice and a British entertainer:
17. This lady was naked as she rode a horse through the streets of Coventry:
18. This was a 1964 James Bond movie:
19. This movie won Russell Crowe an Oscar:
20. This is the name of a U.S. American President and a cartoon cat:
21. This a sports drink created at a Florida University:
22. This is the nickname of a Canadian hockey personality:
23. They pick small cucumbers to make these:
24. This is a must visit island on the eastern shores of Quebec:
25. This force works only in vertical, not in horizontal directions:
26. This is a traveler in Swift’s 1726 satirical stories:
27. These are annual awards given for film and television:
28. This is the landmark bridge in San Francisco:
29. A sexy entertainer would often throw THIS out to the men in the crowd:
30. We must start a movement to establish an annual:



1. Graceland
2. Gates (Bill)
3. Grammer (Kelsey)
4. George
5. Grandmother
6. Goulash
7. Ghost
8. Gorilla
9. Graham Kerr
10. Goose
11. Glasgow
12. Gibraltar
13. General Motors
14. Graceful
15. Grumpy
16. Ginger
17. Godiva
18. Goldfinger
19. Gladiator
20. Garfield
21. Gatorade
22. Grapes
23. Gherkins
24. Gaspé
25. Gravity
26. Gulliver (Gulliver’s Travels)
27. Golden Globes
28. Golden Gate
29. Garter

30. Grandmother’s Day



Today all answers begin with the letter “H”
(see answers below)

1. He was the main character in the movie “Forest Gump”:
2. A young child needs one of these:
3. This is a 1952 movie staring Gary Cooper:
4. He was an explorer, they named a New York River after him :
5. This is a Capital City In Canada:
6. These have been cancelled due to the COVID-19:
7. This is the lady in the big house down the street who thinks she is a:
8. These are called “River Horses”:
9. This is a continuing repetitive problem:
10. He is the scary character in the movie “Silence of the Lambs”:
11. This comes in small buckets and can last forever:
12. Back then if it was over ten stories tall it was called a:
13. If he was a big gambler in Las Vegas he was considered a:
14. He starred with Bing Crosby in “The Road to Morocco”:
15. In 1969 this Beatle wrote and sang the wonderful tune “Something”:
16. This is a Canadian handy man’s store:
17. This is a genre of popular music developed by inner-city African and Latino Americans in the 1980s:
18. The Queen of Spades is “The Card” in this card game:
19 His name was ‘Sea Biscuit” he won the Triple Crown” in which sport:
20. She won fame for singing “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”:
21. “Haute Couture” means this in common English:
22. He was a very popular U.S. President (1945 – 1963) having ended the Japanese war:
23. They distribute food to the needy in Winnipeg:
24. You win all the poker money because the dealer has dealt you a:
25. If you lose your job and have no savings you are left:
26. This beer is not German, it was created in Holland in 1592:
27. In England, in the late afternoon this snack will include crumpets and scones :
28. He created ‘Playboy Magazine and clubs’:
29. This bedroom tall chest of drawers is usually divided into two sections:
30. The song “Anticipation” was used as a promo for which slow moving product :



1. Hanks (Tom)
2. High Chair
3. High Noon
4. Henry Hudson
5. Halifax
6. Happy Hour
7. High Brow
8. Hippo’s
9. Hiccups
10. Hannibal Lecter
11. Honey
12. Highrise
13. High Roller
14. Hope (Bob)
15. Harrison (George)
16. Home Hardware
17. Hip Hop
18. Hearts
19. Horse Racing
20. Houston (Whitney)
21. High Fashion
22. Harry Truman
23. Harvest (Winnipeg)
24. High Hand
25. High and Dry
26. Heineken
27. High Tea
28. Hugh Hefner
29. Highboy
30. Heinz Ketchup



Today all answers begin with the letter “I”
(see answers below)

1. They say that Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon has great :

2. This is North America’s favorite treat:

3. Singer Taylor Swift has built a positive:

4. This is the home of the NFL Colts :

5. In 1946 these “Spots” sang “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”:

6. This is where they built “The Titanic”:

7. This was Margaret Thatcher’s nickname:

8. They are famous worldwide, for their potatoes:

9. This is a nickname for piano keys:

10. If you are googly about someone new, some would say you are:

11. A vessel with a reinforced bow that works in the Arctic :

12. This is a legal document to remove an American President:

13. They believe Noah’s Arc was built here :

14. This was the first floating soap:

15. This country provides spas for their elephants:

16. Ingvae Kamprad founded this Scandinavian retail home store :

17. A favorite song for a lady with this name “Good Night “_______” :

18. The Riviera extends along the coast of France and which other country :

19 Possibly John Lennon’s most memorable song:

20. This is a small British Hotel :

21. This is the capital of Nunavut in northern Canada:

22. He was the infamous Tsar of Russia:

23. This is the home of “Bollywood” :

24. This is a free social network based on sharing photos:

25. Lionel Richie was a judge helping select the winner on this last Sunday’s talent show:

26. In this South African movie Morgan Freeman played Mandella :

27. The concern is: can a mosquito bite cause a COVID 19 :

28. This early ad promoting margarine said:

29. This Russian Immigrant wrote the music for “God Bless America”:

30. He discovered the Laws of Gravity :



1. Intuition
2. Ice Cream
3. Image
4. Indianapolis
5. Ink Spots
6. Ireland
7. Iron Lady
8. Idaho
9. Ivories
10. Infatuated
11. Ice Breaker
12. Impeachment
13. Iraq
14. Ivory
15. India
16. Ikea
17. Irene
18. Italy
19. Imagine
20. Inn
21. Iqaluit
22. Ivan The terrible
23. India
24. Instagram
25. Idol
26. Invictus
27. Infection
28. “It almost tastes like butter”:
29. Irving Berlin
30. Isaac Newton



Today all answers begin with the letter “J”
(see answers below)

1. Yogi Bear likes to hang out at this park:

2. This bay is south of Hudson Bay:

3. This was a popular dance with the teenagers back in the 1940’s:

4. He is known as “The Piano Man” and has written the song with that title :

5. He added to the fun in the movie “A Fish Called Wanda”:

6. Smuckers makes this product:

7. He was the star in the movie “Saturday NightFever”:

8. This is a large dangerous cat and an expensive automobile:

9. This toy figurine jumps out of the box when the lid is opened:

10. Your mandible and maxilla bones are located here:

11. They drink this ‘Mint” refresher at Churchill Downs race track. :

12. His brilliant Trivia mind won him $2.1 million playing Jeopardy:

13. This is the capital of Indonesia :

14. This is the name for young Kangaroos:

15. “Imagine” will be remembered as his greatest song:

16. This is South Africa’s biggest city :

17. This American President said “We Choose to Go to the Moon :

18. This exceptional man was Obama’s Vice President:

19 First name of Bieber and Timberlake:

20. Alfred Hitchcock had her murdered in the shower:

21. These two with last name “J”, are still very popular, wrote, sang and played the piano for over 40 years:

22. He is a former Prime Minister’s son:

23. This Biblical character spent 3 days in the stomach of a whale :

24. Every British Queen with this name was either murdered or went insane:

25. Joaquin Phoenix won The Best Actor Oscar for his part in this movie:

26. This is a very short period of time :

27. This funny man of days gone by said: BANG ... BOOM, TO THE MOON, ALICE :

28. Louis Armstrong is considered the first real soloist to play this form of music:

29. He laughed so hard his belly giggled like a bowl of this:

30. These three months total 92 days :



1. Jellystone
2. James Bay
3. Jitterbug
4. Joel (Billy)
5. John Cleese
6. Jam
7. John Travolta
8. Jaguar
9. Jack In The Box
10. Jaw
11. Julip
12. Jennings (Ken)
13. Jakarta
14. Joeys
15. John Lennon
16. Johannesburg
17. Jack Kennedy
18. Joe Biden
19. Justin
20. Janet Leigh
21. John (Elton) Joel (Billy)
22. Justin
23. Jonah
24. Jane
25. Joker
26. Jiffy
27. Jackie Gleason
28. Jazz
29. Jelly
30. January, June and July:



Today all answers begin with the letter “K”
(see answers below)

1. A fun name for women’s underwear in England:

2. This fellow wrote “Sexual Behavior In The Human Male”:

3. This is the capital of Afghanistan:

4. This is a territory ruled by a King or Queen :

5. This Irish Canadian is an investor on TV’s “Shark Tank”:

6. This is a gift that evokes memories:

7. This California Senator worked to become America’s first female President in 2020:

8. This is a large bear who lives in Alaska:

9. Many Canadians retire in this Canadian city:

10. They make breakfast cereal, competition for Kellogg :

11. This is a popular flightless bird in New Zealand :

12. A hut like shelter for a dog:

13. Dorothy wanted to go home too :

14. A cigar shaped musical instrument:

15. You have 14 of these in your hand:

16. This is the home of the Russian government :

17. This ape fell in love with a blond lady and saved her from harm :

18. She was the love star in the movie “Titanic”:

19 The others of these have a mustache, he does not:

20. This is a twist or unwanted bend:

21. This is a boat similar to a canoe:

22. This is a strong wrapping paper:

23. The song “anticipation” was used to promote this product:

24. These fun places for young children were closed during Covid19 :

25. This is where they manufacture the very popular Kia automobile:

26. This actor starred in Footloose, A Few Good Men and Apollo 13 :

27. This Larry has been married 8 times (all different women) :

28. He was the bodyguard:

29. This musical featured the song “Shall We Dance”:

30. This is a toy providing symmetrical patterns by multiple reflections in inclined mirrors :



1. Knickers
2. Kinsey (Alfred)
3. Kabul
4. Kingdom
5. Kevin O’Leary
6. Keepsake
7. Kamala Harris
8. Kodiak
9. Kelowna
10. Kashi
11. Kiwi
12. Kennel
13. Kansas
14. Kazoo
15. Knuckes
16. Kremlin
17. King Kong
18. Kate Winslet
19. King of Hearts
20. Kink
21. Kayak
22. Kraft
23. Ketchup (Heinz)
24. Kinder Garten
25. Korea (South)
26. Kevin Bacon
27. King
28. Kevin Kostner
29. “King and I” (The)
30. Kaleidoscope



Today all answers begin with the letter “L”
(see answers below)

1. Lionel Richie wrote this song, Kenny Rogers made it a hit:

2. She said “One Ringy Dingy” and “Is This the Person to Whom I’m Speaking”l:

3. A person whose success comes when they are a bit older :

4. With what part of the body do we associate the word “Hepatic” :

5. This is a Japanese expensive luxury automobile:

6. This is oil created from flax seed:

7. This city was the center of defense for the Russians during World War Two:

8. This product claims to give you fresher breath:

9. Her rel given name is Joanne Angelina Germanotta:

10. Magic Johnson played basketball in Los Angeles for which team :

11. Michael Jordon pledged 100 million dollars to help support this cause :

12. This is the name of the world’s largest turtles:

13. This author wrote “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo :

14. His wife ‘s nickname was “Lady Bird” :

15. Name the people in “Gulliver’s Travels”:

16. This Canadian wrote and sang “Suzanne” :

17. Like the measles, this is most dangerous when it comes late in life :

18. What does the expression L.O.L. mean:

19 What was the nickname for England’s “Richard the First”:

20. This magazine famous for its photos ceased operations in the year 2000:

21. This is the football team owned by the Ford family:

22. This was a classic weekly radio theatre show and is now live in Banff:

23. Connie Francis sang this “Told On You” song:

24. This is a long handle spoon to serve from a deep bowl :

25. This was the first TV remote control introduced in 1950, what was it called:

26. The Beatles got their start here :

27. He co-produced Seinfeld :

28. This American state is famous for fun, great music and Louis Armstrong:

29. Madonna became famous based on this song:

30. He and Michael Jackson co-wrote “We Are the World”:



1. Lady
2. Lily Tomlin
3. Late Comer
4. Liver Failure
5. Lexus
6. Linseed
7. Leningrad
8. Listerine
9. Lady Gaga
10. Lakers
11. Lives Matter (Black)
12. Leatherback
13. Larssom (Steig)
14. Lyndon Johnson (President)
15. Little People
16. Leonard Cohen
17. A New Love
18. Laugh Out Loud
19. Lion Heart
20. Life
21. Lions
22. Lux Radio Theatre
23. “Lipstick On Your Collar”
24. Ladle
25. Lazy Bones
26. Liverpool
27. Larry David
28. Louisiana
29. Like a Virgin
30. Lionel Richie



Today all answers begin with the letter “M”
(see answers below)

1. This Manitoba town is know for its annual “Apple Festival”:

2. This is now in the top five most popular dog’s names :

3. This Asian gambling island now has three times the revenues of Las Vegas :

4. One too many of these and you had better take a cab home :

5. This is Winnipeg’s other hockey team:

6. This is a popular quick meal usually for kids:

7. Trump wants to build a condominium here:

8. Michael Jackson created this original dance move:

9. The atomic bomb creates this kind of cloud:

10. This was Walt Disney’s first character :

11. New Brunswick borders this state :

12. He created “Never Land”:

13. The Expo hosted in this city has been chosen as the best ever world exhibition:

14. Most product promotions seen on TV offer free delivery and what other feature:

15. Ray Kroc was the founder of this enterprise, his wife gave on her passing her $5 billion estate to
the Salvation Army:

16. She said “I wanted to be Snow White, but I drifted”r :

17. In the beginning this game was called “The Landlord Game” :

18. They said he was getting revenge:

19 She was beautiful, intelligent and was Robin Hood’s love interest:

20. Avon and Amway built huge business’s based on this marketing concept:

21. This American state borders Saskatchewan:

22. This Impressionism Art Movement originated with these artists:

23. Ken Jennings won $2 million on Jeopardy and now stars on this show:

24. Oktoberfest, a beer festival is hosted in which German city:

25. This character, (a zebra) stars with Melman the Giraffe and Alex the Lion in the movie Madagascar:

26. This city, with India’s largest population (9.8 million) was originally called Bombay :

27.Celine Dion sang this song for the movie “Titanic” :

28. This song about a woman, a McCartney, Lennon favorite:

29. Forbes magazine chose this woman as entertainments smartest business woman:

30. This American state was originally part of Canada:



1. Morden
2. Max
3. Macaw (a south China Island)
4. Martini
5. Moose
6. Mac and Cheese
7. Moscow
8. Moonwalk
9. Mushroom
10. Mickey Mouse
11. Maine
12. Michael Jackson
13. Montreal (Expo 67)
14. Money Back Guarantee
15. MacDonald’s
16. May West
17. Monopoly
18. Montezuma’s Revenge
19. Maid Marian
20. Multi Level Marketing
21. Montana
22. Monet and Degas
23. Master Mind
24. Munich
25. Marty
26. Mumbai
27. My Life Will Go On
28. Michelle
29. Madonna
30. Michigan



Today all answers begin with the letter “N”
(see answers below)

1. This is a sugary fluid that Bees make into honey:

2. Cher sang this song about pins and this other item:

3. This chap fiddled while Rome burned :

4. He won the French tennis tournament 10 times :

5. Young couples in love do a lot of this:

6. He was the lead actor in “Leaving Las Vegas:

7. This is a Japanese auto manufacturer who say they are committed to electric cars:

8. Fry pans promoted on TV usually have this feature:

9. They say they have more sheep than people:

10. In Mexico they created this snack for American military wives :

11. The Saints play football in this city :

12. The “Price Is Right” recently celebrated this many TV shows over 38 years:

13. They have sent sending a gift of Tulips to Canada for 70 years as a thank you for World War Two :

14. This area has the world largest number of lakes (over 6,500):

15. He makes great music and supports American farmers:

16. This is a scary event you might experience while sleeping :

17. This is the number of women who have been Manitoba premiers :

18. This is a person who has great admiration for oneself:

19 A chef in this location would likely serve “Dog Body, Flummy Dum and Figgy Duff:

20. This is a doctor who deals with the nervous system:

21. This is a Nat King Cole original song:

22. She was Frank Sinatra’s daughter:

23. He was the Roman God of the sea:

24. These are the important decisions Trump has made about the Corona Virus :

25. This Canadian song writer wrote “Loves His, Loved His, Loved His Calendar Girl”:

26. This song about the American 9/11 was written by Don Henley :

27. This was an early movie theatre, the fee was 5 cents :

28. This is where our day begins:

29. He was Seinfelds mailman:

30. This was the name seriously considered for New Brunswick



1. Nectar
2. Needles
3. Nero
4. Nadel
5. Necking
6. Nicolas Cage
7. Nissan
8. Non-Stick
9. New Zealand
10. Nachos
11. New Orleans
12. Nine Thousand
13. Netherlands
14. Northwest Territories
15. Nelson (Willie)
16. Nightmares
17. None
18. Narcissism
19. Newfoundland
20. Neurologist
21. Nature Boy
22. Nancy
23. Neptune
24. None
25. Neil Sadaka
26. New York Minute
27. Nickelodeon
28. New Zealand
29. Newman
30. New Ireland



Today all answers begin with the letter “O”
(see answers below)

1. This month is squirrel appreciation month:

2. Beatle’s Ringo Starr wrote and sang this tune:

3. Unemployed Covid-19 Englishmen are currently:

4. She made “Physical” a hit song:

5. This is the promo for Oprah’s new Pizza:

6. Meryl Streep won awards for her part in this great movie about Africa:

7. This is the number of Canadian provinces that border the great lakes :

8. This movie launched Marlon Brando’s career:

9. This bird was in the Disney movie “Bambi”:

10. She said “When They Go Low, We Go High” :

11. He was a popular Canadian Jazz pianist :

12. This is a fertile patch in the desert:

13. This creature has 6 arms and 2 legs :

14. This is a popular Irish song, sung at funerals:

15. When Napoleon first tasted this, he ordered one made for every soldier:

16. This stone symbolizes faithfulness and confidence :

17. This is a fruit not a vegetable, there are 800 million trees growing this :

18. This American State’s flag features a Canadian Beaver and this State has the U.S. deepest lake :

19 This is where they commonly grow apples:

20. This song by Roy Orbison reached number one:

21. This creature can spin its head around back to front:

22. This popular Broadway stage show features the song “Oh What A Beautiful Morning”:

23. Germany holds this festival in October each year:

24. This is a Beatles song with a fun, interesting title :

25. He became famous for starring in Citizen Kane (1941):

26. On October 24 the world celebrates this Japanese paper folding technique:

27. This smelly white veggie is high in anti oxidants and vitamins :

28. He played leading roles in ‘Midnight in Paris, Marley and Me, and Wedding Crashers’:

29. A group of these is called a ‘Parliament’:

30. We don’t know why but Pickled Peppers and Pretzels are celebrated in this month :



1. October
2. Octopus Garden
3. On the Dole
4. Olivia Newton John
5. ‘Oh’ That’s Good
6. Out of Africa
7. One
8. On the Waterfront
9. Owl (Friend)
10. Obama (Michelle)
11. Oscar Peterson
12. Oasis
13. Octopus
14. Oh Danny Boy
15. Omelets
16. Opal
17. Olives
18. Oregon
19. Orchard
20. “Oh Pretty Woman”
21. Owl
22. Oklahoma
23. Oktoberfest
24. Ob – La - Di – Ob – La – Da
25. Orson Wells
26. Origami
27. Onion
28. Owen Wilson
29. Owls
30. October



Today all answers begin with the letter “P”
(see answers below)

1. Churchill MB is famous for these much admired creatures:

2. He was the main character in the movie “The Color of Money”:

3. Her son will one day be the king:

4. This the world’s most visited city:

5. This is a city famous for cream cheese and Eagles:

6. This avenue becomes the Trans Canada Highway:

7. This comedian had a fictitious husband named “Fang”:

8. this country is world’s largest producer of cork:

9. Kissing a woman’s hand is still a common occurrence in this country:

10. This food product was a huge success during the 1930’s depression :

11. President’s Carter and Jefferson owned farms and grew this popular snack food :

12. This was a very popular General Motors car:

13. This is a gift of wisdom and beauty :

14. These that you wear when sleeping, originated in India:

15. These grow in Flanders fields:

16. This character loves Spinach :

17. This is actor gave a spectacular performance in the movie “Scent of a Woman” :

18. This is Mexican money :

19 Islamabad is the capital city:

20. Covid 19 is out of control in this wealthy American city:

21. John Travolta played Vincent Vega in this weird movie:

22. This TV game show promotes neutering pets:

23. In the Cinderella story the Fairy Grandmother made a coach from this:

24. She was Porky Pig’s heart throb :

25. He promised if she would marry him her life would be full of:

26. This artist became famous for his “Paint Splash Abstract Expression”:

27. This Dolly donated $1 million for Covid 19 research :

28. : This is a state or place where all your desires are answered:

29. He said “Th... Th... Th... Th... That’s All Folks” :

30. In the 1970’s people bought these stones as a fun gift :



1. Polar Bears
2. Paul Newman
3. Princess Diana
4. Paris
5. Philadelphia
6. Portage Ave.
7. Phyllis Diller
8. Portugal
9. Poland
10. Popcorn
11. Peanuts
12. Pontiac
13. Pearl
14. Pajamas
15. Poppies
16. Popeye
17. Pacino (Al)
18. Pesos
19. Pakistan
20. Phoenix
21. Pulp Fiction
22. Price Is Right
23. Pumpkin
24. Petunia
25. Peaches and Cream
26. Pollock
27. Parton
28. Paradise
29. Porky Pig
30. Pet Rocks



Today all answers begin with the letter “Q”
(see answers below)

1. Horse race bet, first and second place:

2. Beatles original name:

3.An angry dispute:

4. A small powerful breed of horses :

5. Doha is the capital of this oil rich country:

6. This is a specific sized burger:

7. This is a strange habit :

8. They sell originals on this TV channel:

9. William and Harry’s grandmother:

10. This lady was a star in the movie Chicago :

11. The Senators play hockey here :

12. This is what we do to avoid the virus:

13. This is a large stiff feather from a birds tail which was used as a pen :

14. This is need when a baby is sleeping:

15. This is to satisfy one’s thirst:

16. This is an expression that is repeated :

17. This is something in return usually of similar value :

18. This is Australia’s airline :

19 This is the vibration of the earth’s surface:

20. This is to solve a major serious problem:

21. This is a hurried sexual encounter:

22. She became “The Empress of India”:

23. A modern ballroom dance in rapid time:

24. He directed the movie “Pulp Fiction” :

25. This is a person who drinks substantial alcohol:

26. Freddie Mercury’s British Rock Band :

27. Steve Harvey plays this role on Family Feud :

28. This is a mixed up affair nearly impossible to resolve:

29. This is a warm cover on a rocking chair:

30. This is a state in Australia :



1. Quinella
2. Quarry Men
3. Quarrel
4. Quarter Horse
5. Qatar
6. Quarter Pounder
7. Quirk
8. QVC
9. Queen Elizabeth
10. Queen Latifah
11. Quebec
12. Quarantine
13. Quill
14. Quiet
15. Quench
16. Quote
17. Quid Pro Quo
18. Quantas
19. Quake (earth)
20. Quantum Leap
21. Quickie
22. Queen Victoria
23. Quick Step
24. Quentin Tarantino
25. Quaffed
26. Queen
27. Quiz Master
28. Quagmire
29. Quilt
30. Queensland



Today all answers begin with the letter “R”
(see answers below)

1. This was Glen Campbell’s nickname:

2. He starred in the movie “All the President’s Me”:

3. This actor played Popeye:

4. They say the North American economy was built based on :

5. This is a breathing devise used to save Covid patients :

6. This city was originally named “Pile of Bones”:

7. This Beatle married a ‘Bond Girl” :

8. When a woman is happy and confident she is:

9. In Britain these are “Sultanas”:

10. This is what the little pig had to eat :

11. In Winnipeg neighborhoods they run fast, jig and jag :

12. Howard Hughes designed her bra:

13. If a man wants to impress his lady he must be :

14. This blind singer sang “I’ve Got A Woman”:

15. This event happens in Pasadena on New Years Day:

16. This is 480 sheets of paper :

17. He owns the ‘Virgin Group’ of companies :

18. This new and music machine was invented in Italy in 1895 :

19 This American President loved ‘Jelly Beans’:

20. This cereal is said to ‘Snap, Crackle and Pop’ :

21. : She played the key role in the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”

22. This Canadian tool had a square driver:

23. She seduced Dustin Hoffman:

24. In 1971 this actor played Napoleon in the movie “Waterloo” :

25. This is a popular game in Casinos:

26. Oprah said “In the End, This Is All You Have” :

27. Most people go mad when they lose this :

28. This artist was famous for “Shade and Light”:

29. This animal has a curious habit of washing it’s food before eatingr:

30. This final question will challenge your brain “This is an Alberta city after for an animal” :



1. Rhinestone Cowboy
2. Robert Redford
3. Robin Williams
4. Railway Expansion
5. Respirator
6. Regina
7. Ringo Starr
8. Radiant
9. Raisins
10. Roast Beef
11. Rabbits
12. Russell (Jane)
13. Romantic
14. Ray Charles
15. Rose Bowl
16. Ream
17. Richard Branson
18. Radio
19. Ron Reagan
20. Rice Krispies
21. Meg Ryan
22. Robertson Screw Driver
23. Mrs Robinson
24. Rod Steiger
25. Roulette
26. Reputation
27. Remote
28. Rembrandt
29. Raccoon
30. Red Deer



Today all answers begin with the letter “S”
(see answers below)

1. This Sea is on the moon:

2. The average man gets bored in how many minutes when shopping with his wife:

3. About 10% of electrical home outages are caused by:

4. Researchers have determined this hygiene activity will increase your creativity :

5. This popular singer is known as “The Boss” :

6. This author wrote “The Catcher in the Rye”:

7. The team that wins the NHL hockey playoff wins this Trophy :

8. This taken from a crocus plant is the world’s most expensive spice:

9. This Russian woman champ has created a very successful candy company:

10. Bert, Ernie and Big Bird are characters in this long running TV program :

11. This Gladiator led a slave revolt against the Roman Empire in 73 BC :

12. He writes scary books:

13. He created Apple Computer :

14. Fortune Cookies were created here:

15. He is active in the Covid 19 fight, he was married to Madonna:

16. This orange marmalade can be bitter :

17. This country was formed when it separated from Yugoslavia in 1991 :

18. This Englishman has been the #1 talent show judge :

19 This popular singer is Canada’s sweetheart:

20. This program allows two computers to make a telephone like connection :

21. : This fish product has seen substantial price increases during 2020:

22. J. Edger Hoover an FBI chief had a thing about people walking on his:

23. This sea captain said “I’ve never had an accident worth talking about”:

24. This is the number of hot dogs he ate to win the award :

25. Complete the title to this Frank Sinatra favorite “I’ve Got You Under My _____”:

26. This is full of holes but still holds water :

27. This canned meat is now connected to unwanted e-mails :

28. This is the world’s most popular word board game:

29. This is an overland journey in Africa:

30. People magazine voted him the world’s oldest sexiest man alive:



1. Sea of Tranquility
2. Seventeen
3. Squirrels
4. Shower
5. Springsteen
6. Salinger
7. Stanley Cup
8. Saffron
9. Sharapova
10. Sesame Street
11. Spartacus
12. Stephen King
13. Steve Jobs
14. San Francisco
15. Sean Penn
16. Seville
17. Slovenia
18. Simon Cowell
19. Shania Twain
20. Skype
21. Salmon
22. Shadow
23. Smith (E.J.) Captain of the Titanic
24. Seventy Four
25. Skin
26. Sponge
27. Spam
28. Scrabble
29. Safari
30. Sean Connery



Today all answers begin with the letter “T”
(see answers below)

1. Describe a person who is determined to reach their objective:

2. This fellow was a very popular English entertainer who grew to only 2’11’' inches tall:

3. He won the 1993 Oscar for the movie “Philadelphia” :

4. This chap invented light bulbs :

5. Louis Armstrong (Satchmo) played this instrument:

6. This NHL hockey player created Canada’s favorite coffee shop:

7. This actor, tough guy was the lead detective in the movie “The Fugitive”:

8. This actor chooses to play the dangerous parts in his movies:

9. This is Minnesota’s baseball team:

10. We should close down our computers when we hear this :

11. This India landmark took several years to build and was built based on a love affair :

12. This is a piece of lumber 11/2 inches X 31/2 inches:

13. This is a very sad movie or family event :

14. If you have a wooden sliver in your hand you’ll need these:

15. This is a very popular on-line poker game:

16. These ladies threw their panties on the stage for this English singer :

17. This is a delicious substitute for bacon :

18. The Caribbean needs these this coming winter:

19 Survey says if seniors could go back in time they would choose this age:

20. On TV commercials this popular actor encourages you to secure a’ REVERSE MORTGAGE’:

21. This is three consecutive strikes in bowling:

22. This author wrote “The Hunt For Red October”:

23. Natural rubber comes from here:

24. She sang “What’s Love Got To Do With It” :

25. This winning quarterback is leaving New England to play with Tampa Bay:

26. This golfer said “The Hole Looked Bigger After My Eye Surgery” :

27. The advertisement for this product said “It Took A Licken But Kept On Ticken” :

28. This actor starred in Forrest Gump and collects typewriters:

29. This was the first soup made by Campbell's:

30. In previous questions, how many answers included a Tom, Thomas or Tommy:



1. Tenacious
2. Tom Thumb
3. Tom Hanks
4. Thomas Edison
5. Trumpet
6. Tim Horton
7. Tommy Lee Jones
8. Tom Cruise
9. Twins
10. Thunder
11. Taj Mahal
12. Two by Four
13. Tear Jerker
14. Tweezers
15. Texas Hold-Em
16. Tom Jones
17. Turkey Bacon
18. Tourists
19. Thirty
20. Tom Selleck
21. Turkey
22. Tom Clancy
23. Trees
24. Tina Turner
25. Tom Brady
26. Tiger Woods
27. Timex
28. Tom Hanks
29. Tomato
30. Ten



Today all answers begin with the letter “U”
(see answers below)

1. This cycle had no handle bars:

2. This is a banjo like musical instrument:

3. This is the dress of the military or policeman:

4. This is a problem in the stomach lining:

5. This is the person who makes the final decision in a baseball game:

6. These are the tools needed to eat your dinner:

7. He is your mother’s brother:

8. This is where we get the cows milk:

9. This is where we would enjoy a perfect life:

10. You feel more secure if you are wearing these :

11. This bird turns into a beautiful swan :

12. If you are going to secure a successful life you had better attend here:

13. This country to the west of Russia has bountiful oil and grain crops :

14. This is featured on the English flag:

15. These is an African country:

16. .You must have one of these if you live in Vancouver :

17.. He is a very likeable entertainer who married Nicole Kidman :

18. This is a “U” song by Paul McCartney :

19. This is a Carol King “Tapestry Song”:

20. This taxi like service has also become a food home delivery service:

21. This medical devise can be used to produce an image of your inner body parts:

22. This American state borders Alberta:

23. This is a ”DO GOOD” business community fund raising organization active in most North American cities:

24. This the name of the associated countries of Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales :

25. This is the film for which Clint Eastwood received his first “Director Oscar”:

26. Billy Joel (The Piano Man) wrote this song for model Christine Brinkley:

27. This refers to those in the highest social class :

28. These are hair salons that service both men and women:

29. They said she had great ambition, she was simply “ ________” :

30. This had been chosen as Canada’s best University:



1. Unicycle
2. Ukulele
3. Uniform
4. Ulcer
5. Umpire
6. Utensils.
7. Uncle
8. Udder
9. Utopia
10. Underwear
11. Ugly Duckling
12. University
13. Ukraine
14. Union Jack
15. Uganda
16. Umbrella
17. Urban (Keith)
18. Uncle Albert
19. Up On The Roof
20. Uber
21. Ultra Sound
22. Utah
23. United Way
24. United Kingdom
25. Unforgiven
26. Up Town Girl
27. Uppercrust
28. Unisex
29. Unstoppable
30. University of Toronto



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from Winnipeg Manitoba!

My name is Shelly Anthis. I am a filmmaker based out of Winnipeg, Mb as a Location Scout, Assistant Location Manager
and a Writer/Director.

Please print and share these with your residents. There are short stories, art work and more from various kids/teens and adults in Winnipeg and abroad that have contributed in lieu of most places not allowing visitors, due to the COVID-19 crisis, and we don't want them to be too lonely!

Not with all of today's technology!

With the halting of productions and the extra time on my hands,
I wanted to spread some love and compassion to many of the
senior homes and assisted living facilities across Canada and worldwide once we get going with more email addresses.

If you know of a child who would like to contribute, please have their parent email me for more into, etc. at

Many thanks and Enjoy!

Stay well,
From the Heart in 2020 - Mail Project
Shelly Anthis based out of Winnipeg, MB Canada


Note: If you are interested, a colleague in film has started a Facebook page that anyone can view (facebook member or not) to listen to hymns that are being uploaded daily and several singers have become involved!


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